The Tail-Waggers PROJECT

Giving back is very important for us,  that is why the Tail-Waggers PROJECT  was founded.  This project will support not just local rescue groups but also many local non profit organizations helping our community because PETS, children and seniors are a priority for Tail-Waggers team. Wether you are a  client, fan, family or friend; there are many ways you can help. Click on the projects and find out how!


dog walking, dog walkers, pet sitters in the York region and Toronto.

The Tail-Waggers PROJECT is a monthly donation program to benefit rescue groups and local charity events using the money from our dog walking services. We service Aurora, Newmarket, Richmond Hill and North York Toronto. :: Photo credit Gotcha! Photo Studios

Our clients  are  a SPONSOR!


Once a month Tail-Waggers will make a DONATION on behalf of  our clients using the money from the Dog Walking and Pet Sitting  services we provide to a chosen shelter, rescue, specific animal in need or charity event. 

Who will we sponsor?  

Any registered shelter, rescue or non-profit in Canada. 

Tail-Waggers PROJECTS

Tail-Waggers PROJECT: helping our community

A project sponsored  by Tail-Waggers Dog Walking Services

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