February 20th is #LoveYourPetDay. At Tail-Waggers we ensure is Love Your Pet Day everyday of the year by providing the best pet care possible when out with us dog walking!

Love Your Pet Day 2014

February 20th 2014 is Love Your Pet Day

It’s Love Your Pet Day! Today is the official day for pampering your pet with a little extra love and affection. Showing them just how much we care for them is the least we can do after all we get from them… for FREE!

FACT: Did you know that most households in the United States and Canada have at least one pet? Pets provide wonderful companionship and can actually help decrease your blood pressure and stress.

For all cat and dog owners out there, check out this info graphic  “Accurate Pet Petting Guide!” You can’t go wrong with this fun tool!!


The Accurate Pet Petting Guide.

So whether you have a cat, dog, hamster, rabbit, bird, reptile, or goldfish, shower them with love and affection today!

Happy Love Your Pet Day!


● Today is also National Cherry Pie Day
● February is Black History Month, National Weddings Month, Pet Dental Month, SAD {Single Awareness Day} & Potato Lover’s Month
●This week is National Engineers Week & National Pancake Week


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