#WellnessWednesday | Pet Dental Month

Your dog and cat’s oral care is just as crucial and important as yours so make sure to always maintain their pearly whites and have your vet check them regularly. Remember to check all parts of your dog’s mouth: teeth, tongue and gums. They are all important to their oral health. The smallest amount of plaque and tarter build up can lead to various health issues and can cause bacteria that can flow into your pet’s blood stream causing heart, liver and other organ problems. A quick fact is that almost 80% of dogs have some kind of oral disease by the age of 3. 

Below are some tips on keeping your dog’s teeth looking great

1. Have you veterinarian do an annual exam and check up
2. Purchase toys that are labeled good for teeth (ie. rope toys & rubber chewy toys)
3.Incorporate treats that are dental conscious that are ridged to help reduce tarter and plaque build up. Usually these are chews and are sometimes shaped like a toothbrush
4.Nutrition and diet are also very important. For those who feed raw, the bones you give your dog definitely help with cleaning teeth, check out  the  benefits of a raw diet for a dental health. Those who feed kibble, there are many brands that are oral health diets and help reduce plaque build up.
5.Did you know that clean teeth equals better breath? No more hot doggy breath when your dog’s teeth are squeaky clean.
6.WATER! Yup you read right, water is important to your dog’s overall health but also helps with their oral health. There are lots of products on the market that can be added to your dog’s water to help keep their teeth clean and reduce build up of plaque and tartar.
7. Brush your dog’s teeth regularly and make it a fun experience for everyone!

February is Pet Dental Month

February is Pet Dental Month

Now that we know what to do, how do we do it!? The teeth brushing part that is. Here are some tips:

* Make sure to have the right tools. There is a lot to chose from out there be sure to chose what is right for your dog. Finger brush, long brush, plain toothpaste or peanut butter flavour? So many decisions, you can try out what works best for you.
* Make the experience a positive and rewarding one, that way when your dog sees you with the toothbrush approaching them they will not relate it to a bad memory.
*Be sure to make it a routine – add it into your calendar or set a reminder if you need to.
*Introduce your dog to his/her new brush, let them smell it, put it near their month without toothpaste and do a bit of a test run.
*Next let them try out their new toothpaste and let them lick some off from the tube or your finger
*Introduce the toothbrush with paste to your dog and lift the side of their jowls to be able to get as close as possible. Approaching your dog from one side usually works best rather than right in front of them and putting something into their mouth.


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smiling dogDo my teeth look okay? Cheese!


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