#MakeoverMonday | January is Walk Your Dog Month

Group Dog Walks in Aurora with Tail-Waggers Team. Celebrating January is Walk Your Dog Month!

:: photo and concept by Evelyn Avila

Every Body Walk! is a campaign aimed at getting Americans up and moving. Their goal is to get the message that walking 30 minutes a day, five days a week really can improve overall health and prevent disease. As part of their campaign they’ve included man’s best friend by announcing January as Walk Your Dog Month.  This certainly comes with such a good timing  since everybody is  setting up  goals and  resolutions for the new year. 

 And,  when it comes down to walking, since we spend hours many every week walking dogs all over the York Region and  Toronto, we can assure you that even 30 minutes walks are excellent to keep your canine companion healthy, not  just physically but mentally as well. 

Therese are 7 TOP REASONS  to keep you motivated about daily dog walking. 

{1} Provides an outlet for their energy. If it doesn’t happen through walking, it will often result in bad, destructive behaviour or separation anxiety.

{2} Walking aids greatly in training your dog. Done correctly, it can reinforce the bond between you and your dog and will give you the opportunity to set YES and NO while walking with your dog. 

{3} Fulfills his natural roaming and exploring instincts

{4} Provides much needed social interaction with other dogs, people and helps him to get used to different environments. 

{5} It gives them a JOB and a healthy routine. Something to look forward everyday. 

{6} Hiring a professional dog walker to visit your dog while you are at work,  will give your pooch the opportunity to enjoy  fresh air while exercising. This is key to keep him/her out of trouble in the house.

{7} Regular walking can lengthen and improve the quality of life for your dog and you!

 ~Let’s commit to live a healthy life  by walking a bit each day with your dog! 

:: sources Every Body Walk


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