Romeo’s Bucket List | A Loving Boxer Dog Fight with Cancer

Romeo the boxer dog and his Bucket List  at the end of the journey agains cancer

“I got Romeo from horrific conditions as a wee little pup. He was covered in fleas, had a belly full of round worms and was taken away from his mom very early. After a trip to the vet, a bath and some good quality food he was a happy guy! Romeo was my first dog.”


January 27th 2014 Romeo wrote to his Facebook friends. I’m going to have to say bye to you all very soon. My vet took X-rays of my leg tonight and the tumor has grown so big the bone is starting to fracture. Love you all, Romeo-

January 28th 2014. Romeo’s Bucket List: Day 24: have some Spaghetti! Mom made it with my favorite sauce, peanut butter! Yum yum in my tum!

January 28th 2014. Romeo’s mom wrote: Feeling pretty blessed right about now. Our friends from Boxer Rescue Canada have done something so special to honor Romeo. Many of them have changed their profile pics to their fav pic of Romeo until he has safely crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge. Thank you! Romeo feels the love!

This is ROMEO’s STORY. 

Romeo the boxer fighting cancer and his bucket list

Romeo’s days are numbered, he has been diagnosed with Cancer: Mast cells and Osteosarcoma.  Although Romeo had the mast cells removed, the tumor in his left hind femor was so big there was nothing that could be done. Due to the fact that Romeo has severe spodylosis in his spine,  he’s not a candidate for amputation.

Despite the bitterness of this news, Romeo and his family took on an adventure by starting a Bucket List. Romeo is smiling  back at the disease with dignity, love and happiness by doing something fun each day. “Romeo doesn’t want to spend his final days sad! Because when Romeo knows his mom is upset,  he’s upset” 

Romeo the boxer Bucket List | Fighting Cancer

Romeo’s mom Riina, remembers the good times when he was healthy. Romeo lived on a farm for a couple years. “These were Romeo’s happiest times! Acres and acres to run around on with his little brother Yoshi the Boston/Pug, my horses and he even loved my cats. (Still sleeps with them)”

Riina also remembers the impact Romeo had on many people. She works with people with developmental disabilities and Romeo used to accompany  her to work.  He was so kind and gentle with people which made everybody fall in love with his charismatic attitude and slobbery kisses, and not to mention how he made their days so special! 

So far Romeo  marked out from the Bucket List: eating  a McDonalds Cheeseburger, Paw delivered a cash donation to less fortunate doggie friends at the Coquitlam Animal Shelter, howling happily away along with the sirens from a police car in Vancouver , a  ride in a fire truck and police car.  The last update about Rome’s adventure was Day 14- “Go collar shoppin with Mom.  Mom said I ain’t goin down wearing my old smelly collar. Some nice ladies at the store helped me pick the plaid one. Goes with my {fortune}”

“It has been an amazing journey and I haven’t cried since. Romeo has a lot of supporters through this. He’s very lucky!”

A loving Boxers Fight with Cancer and a Loving Mom and Dad that made a Bucket List for their Furry Baby. Buy "A Thousand Years" on


Romeo shares his adventures at Boxer Rescue Canada Facebook page.  



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