2013: A LOOK BACK | 2014: A LOOK AHEAD

New Year 2014 Resolutions

“Happiness is made out of the simple things. The heart is lifted by the tiny gestures.” ~Evelyn Avila

As we get close to welcome 2014, we say good bye to 2013 by sending a huge THANK YOU to everyone supporting us during the year. 2013 was a success,  and while putting the numbers on paper we are thrilled to see how much we (YOU & US) were able to do TOGETHER to help out our community and the less fortunate dogs.

The Tail-Waggers PROJECT would not be possible without you!  By letting us visit your fur-kids for just a short while everyday, YOU are assisting with the efforts and resources that allows us to continue volunteering and providing donations to local rescue groups and local non-profit organizations helping our community.  Pets, children and seniors will always be a priority for Tail-Waggers team.

A portion of the money from any of the services we provided in 2013 went to help over 15 great causes. You can check all the PROJECTS HERE.  We were also able to offer continued volunteer work to The Mississauga Humane Society and Boxer Rescue Ontario. Evelyn Avila, brain behind the Tail-Waggers PROJECT was honoured to help over 12 dogs by helping with Home Visits, phone interviews, assesments and transports.

We hope for an even busier year ahead. Visiting all the doggies and kittens we are trusted to care for and welcoming new members to our pack.  We WISH YOU a year full of happiness and health! The best is yet to come. 🙂

Happy New Year!!!

Team Tail-Waggers

How you can get involved in the Tail-Waggers PROJECT.


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