#MakeoverMonday | 4 Must Have to Wash Your Dog’s Paws in Winter

dog grooming. winter weather. healthy dogs. dog walking.

The pads on of yore canine companion suffer enormously during winter if not cared for properly.  The golden rule will be to wipe  off their paws after a walk with a towel or unscented baby wipes. Well, in fact after trying it our with my boxers I  came to realize that WASHING their paws it actually helps more to keep their tiny paws healthy.  

When you wash their paws after outdoor play and winter walks, you are getting get rid of any chemicals from the road salt and any other de-icers, as well as melting any snowballs. This is critical for dogs that don’t wear booties or when walking on areas where the de-icers are not pet friendly. 

1) You will need two bowls with warm water.  Add some organic dog soap to one of the bowls. 

2) Ensure you wash in between their pads and toes  to get rid of any chemical. 

3) Wipe his paws and rinse again with the bowl without soup. 

4) Dry out the pads and between the toes. If the pads look cracked you can add some balm to keep them moisturized. 

Remember if you don’t take the necessary preventive steps,  the chances to have crack paws are higher and well, visits to the vet are never cheap 🙂  -Oh, and the final step (optional **BIG SMILE**), give your dog a kiss on his clean paws, he will enjoy it more!

Happy #MakeoverMonday! 


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