What to wear on New Year’s Eve!

What To Wear In New Year's Eve

This New Year’s Eve I will have some friends over for dinner. House is dressed up with gold deco, food and drink menu are ready  and I grabbed the perfect New Year’s Eve outfit for a house party.  I thought it will be a cool idea if my dogs would join me by also wearing something fun and festive besides their everyday collar to welcome our guests. 

These are some of the ideas I got inspired by, budget friendly, chic and available at  many local pet stores if you are not into DIY projects. 

 TIP: to add a New Year’s life feeling use some sparkle paint, go for gold colours, or the classic red and green. Be creative, to is all about to have fun. 


For the gentleman  {A  Bow Tie}

For the classic  {A Scarf}

For the easy going  {A  Bandana} 

For the Sassy  {Leg Warmers}

For the ladies  {Flowers} 

For the boss  {Knitted Scarf}

{ What will your pupStar be wearing? } 

Will you be instagram-ing  your pet’s outfits…Share with us @tailwaggersdogwalkers and @leashandpaws 


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