The last @BarkBox of 2013

photo 4

 I have to admit I get really excited every time the mailman rings the doorbell now because I know it is a package that he is leaving rather than just an envelope. Even when I run into him down the street while walking Chino he tells me to make sure I am home because there is a package for me. AWESOME!

photo 3

Aussie Naturals Duck Rope Toy– okay so Chino looks unamused in this picture, I think he gets it from me. The look on his face where he seems unhappy but inside he really is. The only reason he looks like this in the photo is because he had to STOP biting the ducks beak off to take the pic. I love this toy, its pretty durable, made of different materials and has a rope attached which keeps Chino intrigued.

photo 2

Hare of the Dog – Dandelion & Apple Treats – Wheat free, antioxidants and all natural. These treats have rabbit, dandelion and apple. Chino eats dandelion on a regular basis in the summer as he runs through the fields haha so I thought it was interesting. I also don’t think Chino has ever had rabbit so this was a bit of  a gamble, plus he does not really get excited for biscuit type treats. He loved it and I definitely will be trying out other rabbit flavoured treats. I love that is has apple too because mister picky will not eat very many fruits.

photo 1

Wet Noses – Peanut Butter & Molasses Treat – Chino was trying to look like the dog in the photo (all nose). Pretty awesome huh? These are also wheat-free, corn-free and soy-free as well as organic which is helpful with anyone who has a sensitive tummy.


Superior Farms – Lamb Toasters- these were a big hit with Chino and were super helpful on Christmas Eve while we all had our dinner Chino munched on these . Made of 100% lamb lung they got his attention immediately.


Barkworthies– Junior Bullystick – okay this was the best part of this month’s box for Chino (realize its a stock photo, it did not last long enough for a photo). Made of beef bladder this chew bought me about 20 minutes of peace to get some cleaning done. I always enjoy giving these to Chino because they are all natural and keep him occupied.

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