#FunFriday Holiday Warning Drinking -Tail-Waggers

5 Beers


2 Glasses of Wine 

2 Bottles of Wine – Shared of course!

Too many Margaritas

3 Kamikazes

7 Rum & Cokes

1 Large Purple Haze

3 Martinis


1 Bottle of Tequila

If you got a chuckle or smile,
pass it on to someone who
Loves animals too.
And even if they are not animal people,
send it anyway, this is too cute to keep to yourself.


Tail-Waggers is not responsible for the creation of this work. We are merely sharing it with the audience and pet lovers. The source is unknown. We think although  if you are feeling blue or just want to make someone laugh,  why not to pass it along? Special  and happy occasion are always around the corner.


This material is only for entertainment.




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