Christmas 2013 Must-Haves | Gift Guide


The holidays are just around the corner and old man winter is knocking on your door. Still stumped on holiday gifts for you dog? Here are a few ideas!

il_570xN.531755109_cw4mNEW COLLAR
You know that feeling you get when you get a new bracelet? Same goes for a spankin new dog shiny! Collar Town on Etsy  has lots of festive collars that range in sizes and prices. Our personal fav is Gimme Cookie 🙂 


Best.Gift.Ever, imagine a plush, soft, warm new bed to sink into on cold days and nights. Jax & Bones offer a variety of bed options with prints to match your chic home decor too!


Every winter you most likely buy a new jacket or coat for the colder months. Why not treat your dog to some outdoor gear too? This way you can spend a bit of extra time outdoors without the worry of your pooch freezing.  Big Paws has the Cloud Chaser by Ruffwear which is great at covering all the right areas and staying tight to their bodies so there is no chances of snow getting in.


The gift that keeps on giving because you can sign up month to month, three months or six months. Your dog will receive a premium toy each month or you can chose from a variety of other monthly programs Paw Couture has to offer.  Use L&P10 to get $10 off your monthly program only. 


Treat your dog to a toy that he/she won’t destroy before you can say “Merry Christmas from Santa!”. VIP Tuff Toys offers a variety of different toys with a scale that ranges from 1-10 that help you determine which is best for your dog. They also come in a variety of different types animals, aliens and more! 



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