#MakeoverMonday | Dog booties, more than just a fashion statement

Dogs in boots

Should my dog wear boots?  Well,  after dog walking daily with my two boxers and all the doggies we care for, I can ASSURE YOU  your best friend  has it hard when walking without boots. After  15min walking,  many dogs start to lift their paws  and some of them won’t want to walk.  Why is that? 

{1} Without the boots, the snow accumulates in between their paws causing pain and creating a rash in between their toes. 

{2) When this happen their skin becomes even more sensitive -yes even their paws-  Walking on salt and de-icers can be very painful. Imagine putting salt to a cut on your arm. PAINFUL!!

 When do you know it’s time for your dog to wear winter boots?

That will depend in part on the individual dog’s breed and on your climate and lifestyle, but a good rule is:

1) When you’re walking somewhere that salt has been spread to melt the ice and snow.

2) When the snow is cold enough to squeak when you walk on it.

3) When the dog tries to hold all his paws off the ground at once.

4) when it’s cold enough that you, yourself, can’t walk the dog in comfort without earmuffs or something over your ears.

The best way to protect the paws of a dog from ice, salt, and snow is by putting winter boots on its feet. We recommend booties that simple slip on over the paw.

Reality for many pet parents is that no matter how beneficial wearing a pair of bootees may be, some dogs just won’t wear them. REMEMBER, with training is all about setting up your dog for success only saying this, don’t wait for mid-winter to introduce a dog to wearing that paw protection.

If the dog doesn’t take it well right away, it is pretty sure that you are going to be frustrated and overall it wont be a good experience for your dog. As you will see below, training is about patience and dedication. NEVER FORCE THINGS ON YOUR DOG. Teaching a dog new things it is all about FUN, FUN and ONLY FUN!

Stay tuned for our next #MakeoverMonday and learn fantastic TIPS for those bootie haters! 🙂

image source theguardian.com


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