@woofwagplaybox our first box arrived!

We subscribed to our first Woof Wag Play last month and anticipated it’s arrival since. The mailman delivered it over the weekend. I was caught by surprise as it is rare that the doorbell rings on the weekend and it’s the mailman.


Woof Wag Play Box is available month to month ($29) or three months ($78), the best part? They have an allergy friendly box too! Use our coupon code for a discount WWPBOX108


The theme is Thanksgiving day dinner for your dog in a box. The items are either Thanksgiving ingredients or are some form of entertainment for your dog while your buzzing away in the kitchen.


Fruitables – Cranberry & Pumpkin

These are always a good choice, the pumpkin is great for your dogs digestion. These treats smell good enough to eat and are a favourite of mine. The cranberry flavour is very fitting for the holidays overall. Good job!


Wigzi- Pocket Bone

This toy is made of durable, bouncy, dishwasher safe and floating rubber! This toy is sure to keep your pup entertained for hours on end because the ends of the bone have treat pockets. You can fill them up with just about anything (live treats, biscuits or peanut butter). Chino figured out that slamming it against the wall makes the contents fly out pretty quickly.


Chloe’s Bakery – Pumpkin Creme Brulee

All natural, gluten free, and local ingredients go into these delicious biscuits. Made with 6 simple ingredients and smell good enough to eat these are sure to make your dog feel included when the pumpkin pie comes out on the dessert table.


Barkworthies – Spiral Beef Tendon

This is another entertainer for your dog while your Thanksgiving dinner guest arrive. These beef tendon is all natural, high quality free range and grass fed beef. Chino is a big fan of these and I find that when they are in a spiral shape rather than straight they last him a bit longer. Remember to always supervise your dog when eating any kind of chewy bone or tendon.


Dog for Dog – Dogs Bar

This company has a great mission behind them and donate one of anything you buy to a dog in need. Thanksgiving is all about being thankful and giving so what a better company than this!? My first thought when I saw this was it’s like a protein bar for my dog. I love that it is small enough to fit in my purse and individually packaged so I can take it with me when we are out all day and he can have something on the go. It is wheat, corn, soy and gluten free and made with all organic ingredients. 


Your Dog’s Diner – Mutt Meatballs

Okay so I am very impressed with these and will post later on when these are made. I love the DIY treats considering Chino  eats raw meat and is picky so therefore I rarely get to cook stuff for him. This treat mix has all organic ingredients and all that is needed is 1lb of ground meat and an egg (Chino’s favourites!). The meatballs have to be cooked, I am going to do some research if in fact they need to as he eats raw as it is so maybe he can eat these raw also. I can’t wait to try these out. 

Overall I am throughly impressed with our first Woof Wag Play Box and am excited for what else is to come.

Sign up today using the link below or the coupon code to receive a discount.

Coupon Code: WWPBOX108



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