We Ruv #BarkBox! November Review

This month’s BarkBox theme was “OMNOM NOM NOM NOM” Food! I think this fits perfect with dog’s most loved things.  Make sure to sign up ASAP to ensure you receive a box in time for Christmas (this is a perfect no fuss gift to send to a deserving doggy)

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Sign up to get your own BarkBox in the mail today!
 you can use the direct link above or enter coupon code “leashandpaws” to receive $5 off your subscription.

1. Nootie – Yumzies Jerky Chews
An awesome treat that is delicious and nutritious for your dog.These treats are free of: corn, wheat, grain, soy

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Made with duck and sweet potato these are great for dogs with sensitive stomachs. The jerky can be broken off into smaller pieces (choose your size) so they are great for training and keep your dog’s attention when needed.

2. Bocce’s Bakery – Truffle Mac & Cheese
Okay I love the packaging, love mac & cheese and they smell delicious. I wont lie a part of me was tempted to take a bite! Bocce’s makes a great staple biscuit with a gourmet twist. Wheat and preservative free, organic and healthy ingredients there is not guilt in sharing these with all the pooch’s you encounter.

PicFrame +

3. Twistix – Vanilla Mint

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November is pet dental/oral care month. This is an extremely fitting treat for those who want to ensure dental health for their dog and have a hard time sticking a brush into their dog’s mouth to get  a good clean. This is another wheat, grain and this is good for me disguised treat. You can give this to your dog to chew on and they wont even know the difference that its both tasty and brushing their teeth. They are also low fat and have no added sodium, sugar or gluten.

4. PetSafe Slap Happy
I will admit I was a bit puzzled when I pulled out this furry spider looking thing from this month’s box. I read a bit more about this toy and it appeals to a dog’s natural predatory instincts in the sense that the arms encourage your dog to shake the toy and the bendable interior gives the impression of a rib cage therefore appealing to a dog’s hunting instincts.

Chino wasn’t sold right away and wore it as a hat!

PicFrame +-3

We hope you enjoyed our review and don’t forget to sign up soon so you receive the  Christmas BarkBox. Enjoy!



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