Holiday Recipe – Cranberry Treats

Out with one holiday and in with the next. Everywhere has been primped for Christmas. I have seen trees, wreathes, wrapping paper and gift sets hit the shelves overnight. Below is a quick and easy recipe to include your dog in all the festivities from gift wrapping to egg nog sipping. 


What you’ll need

{2} cups Cranberries
{1/2} teaspoon Vanilla Extract
{1/3} cup Old Fashioned Oatmeal
{1/4} cup Milk
{1 1/2 cup} Whole Wheat Flour
{1/4} cup Butter 
{1/2} tablespoon Cinnamon


{1} Preheat over to 350 degrees
{2} Add one ingredient at a time into a large bowl and mix each ingredient thoroughly
{3} Roll dough onto flour to make sure it does not stick
{4} Cut with festive cookie cutters (gingerbread men, trees, wreathes)
{5} Place shapes onto cookie sheet and bake until browned (20-30 minutes)


Make sure to cool the treats before feeding them to your dog & enjoy!

Share your favourite holiday treat recipes with us via Twitter or Facebook  🙂



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