#WELLNESSWEDNESDAY : When in doubt wear red!

When in doubt wear red ~ Bill Blass { Stay confident your home is puppy proof .

When in doubt, wear red! 

~ Bill Blass

That is exactly how you want to feel when bringing a new member to your family,  wether is a puppy or a rescue dog

Having a healthy relationship with you canine or feline companion is super important. Let him know he can trust you by making the best decisions for him.  So,  wear some red today  by putting in practice my ‘TO DO LIST ‘ to dog proof your home!

  1. Clean the counters.  Make sure there are no left overs hanging there for your dog to reach out and eat things he shouldn’t.  Also, put away all those tiny pieces we sometimes leave like elastic bands or pills.  Keep in mind when it comes down to a  rescue dog,  you  are just getting to know his habits. On the other hand, with pup-starts, remember the will  hover anything that comes on their way as they are just exploring and learning boundaries. 
  2. Fencing. If  you have a fence,  check your fencing and if needed cover any openings.  This way you know for sure your dog wont have a “way” to escape. Also make sure your gate has the proper lock. Some dogs like to jump up and could accidentally unlocked a door. 
  3. Dangling blinds and courting cords are a NO-NO! Dogs are curious and  moving  objects will certainly grab their attention.  Remember they could choke on them. 
  4. Toxics are not welcome.  Put away chemicals, medicine, cleaning products and any other toxic items in the house.  Look for a cabinet where you know the dog wont have access to it, like a very high shelve and teach everybody at home to return any of this products back to where they found them 
  5. Pet friendly plants. Pick the right plants to have in your house and outdoors. You’ll be surprised to learn how many plans are actually toxic for dogs. To check a list click here.
  6. Watch out with electricity! Keep  away all cords in the house, and if  they are  fixed, make sure they’re  out of reach from your dog. 

Will you be wearing red? Do you have any other ideas to dog proof your home? We would love to hear them! 


:: photo source } sparkles-and-crumbs.com


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