#FALLback | Did your dog get the memo?

Fall time savings Unlike us, your dog probably didn’t get the  memo reminding him to turn back time by one hour and reset his internal clock. What a drag, specially because dogs are creatures of habit, and since they don’t read clocks they read you to determine the pattern of their day.

So you continue being his hero, these is a list of things to keep in mind to help him with this “sudden” change of routine. 

1.  Move feeding times, walks and bathroom outings in increments of 15-20 minutes for the first week of the time change.

2. Instruct your dog walker  to provide him a mid-morning snack after his walk so he doesn’t feel hungry later on. 

3. If your pooch is whining for dinner at 5pm when dinner is usually at 6pm, pull out his favourite toy and have some quality play time. 

4. If you have a puppy, please  be considered and understand that he will take  a little longer to adjust to the new schedule. If this means you need to get up a bit early so be it! Maybe this is a great opportunity to start a new habit and enjoy and early morning  “smell walk“. 

Happy fall daylight saving time! 

image by city-dog.co.uk


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