#Horoscope Scorpio Spotlight

Anyone that knows me really well knows that I am obsessed with reading my horoscope. I have a weekly one I read that is available on Monday’s and gives a weekly recap. Then I have about three phone apps I check periodically throughout the week. It is amazing how some of them can be so spot on, I know people are skeptical and think it is very generic. The traits of each sign are very specific to each person’s personality and tells a lot about one’s compatibility with other people.


The month your dog was born in indicates a lot of information about them and their personality. This month we are featuring the Scorpio dog (October 24- November 22). Read below to find out some interesting personality traits!


The Scorpion dog is known to be extremely talented at hiding things, from toys to bones and everything they can get their paws on. They are considered great swimmers with a high level of independence. The Scorpio dog will never forget if he/she was wronged or corrected. They definitely will always remember anyone who has every scolded them. They seek the approval of their owners as well as the acceptance of strangers. A dog born under the Scorpio sign possess great leadership and determination skills.


Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Activity: Swimming

Season: Fall

Toy: Anything with a squeaker

Lucky Number: 9

Stay tuned for more dog horoscope profiles!


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