Last minute safety tips for your #dog this #Halloween

Tail-Waggers CEO Mylo the boxer dressed up as the Naughty Devil for Halloween 2013

Playing it low for your dogs on Halloween night is not a  bad idea.  They still can join the fun as long as it is safe for them. Here is my Top five tips for a safe Howl-loween!   

1. Keep candies and chocolate out of reach from your dog as they can harm him.

2. Take out the baby gate to keep your pooch away from the front door as it will be open very often.  If your pooch is a runner just keep in in a different room.  

3. Keep their doggie outfits simple.  My favourite are Halloween theme sweaters to keep it safe.  

4. Knocking wood, but in case the pooch takes himself for a solo walk, make sure he has his tags on with up to date contact information

5. Have an early evening walk  instead of a night one since today there may be many scary things on the street for your dog.  

 Happy HOWL-LOWEEN !  

:: Photography by Evelyn Avila


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