#SundayFunday ★ Lure the dog after halloween parties

How did  you spend Sunday-Funday on Halloween weekwend?


After a late night, this sunday we slept in. *wink-wink*  As usual hubby and I started off the day with a bold grande from Starbucks followed by a smell walk with the dogs.  Afterwards,  we switched the usual hike for a  “Lure the Dog” game  at the backyard. To play “Lure the Dog” game you need  a super cool and  budget friendly dog toy.  Easy to make and it is  your GO-GO activity if you are looking to get your dog exercised   without too much effort on your side  in less  than 10 minutes!! ***yes, we all have those kind of days***

lure the dog

You will need: 1) a lunge whip p.v.c. You can find this at stores like Greenhawk. They cost about $12. 2) a tiny rope or toy that you can tie to the end of the whip. Mylo and Chico, my two boxers , love this game.  They get to exercise not just  physically, but mentally too,  as they have to pay lots of attention to see where is the rope.

Be aware of: This is not a game to have small kids around or a replacement for daily walks, specially in the middle of the day where you are away at work.

So what did you do this  Sunda-Funday?

Do you know any other fun game you play with your dog

:: Happy commenting!


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