#FashionFriday – Howling Halloween Costumes

Halloween is fast approaching and the possibilities are endless.

Have you decided what will your pooch or kitten be? Here are a few clever costumes.

Dogs & Bacon
Dogs & Bacon

Dog’s go gaga over bacon, so why not let them BE bacon for Halloween? This is a genius costume, especially if you plan on giving away bacon treats to neighbourhood dogs on halloween -tricks for treats!

Where's Winston?
Where’s Winston?

This is a great DIY project. All you need is a candy cane striped hat and scarf and black pipe cleaner and tada! You got a “Where’s Winston?” costume!

Jacob The Wooly Mammoth
Jacob The Wooly Mammoth

Everyone loves the prehistoric era of dinosaurs so dress your dog up as something that resembles the creatures that were on earth before them.

Scuba Dog

This is very dog’s with jobs inspired, think of your favourite career and dress your dog up to resemble that. Be creative and make sure to accessorize.

Pirate Chino
Pirate Chino

Play up features your dog already has, a black eye can be a pirate. Lot’s of spots? A cow! Use you dog’s markings to help create a costume around it.

Mr. French T
Mr. French T

Pick a popular character and play off of their wardrobe and dress up your dog with accessories that resemble the character.

Chico The Pumpkin
Chico The Pumpkin

Many local pet stores, party stores and big box stores all carry a variety of costumes that are made especially for dogs.  Remember to measure your dog and have the information ready with you when shopping so that you can ensure the right fit.


Mylo the Tap Dancer 

:: Hints  Make sure to have plenty of goodies for your dog and their regular treats so they do not have an upset stomach after all the festivities. Ensure that you dog does not get into any human halloween candy when you are not looking so store it in a safe place.

 { Comment below and let us know what will your pet be this Halloween!

Happy Trick Or Treating!


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