Everything in life come in cycles, even your dog walker.

Hiring a dog walking and pet sitting company that only has one employee may give you the peace of mind that only one person will care for your home and pet. Are you confident is all that pink? What will happen if an emergency arise or if the walker needs time off?

Reader: How can a company assures me only one person will be assigned to my dog?  How often will they change their employees?

Having only one person means that 100% of the care and responsibility replies on that person and IF anything happens and the service can’t be delivered…. guess who will suffer?  Your pets because there is no one around to pick up the slack! Reliable pet sitting companies have created back up plans to defit the “what ifs” .

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Tail-Waggers ensures each one of their team members are familiar with your pet so in case of emergency someone will for sure visit your dog. One less thing for you to worry about.

If you are working with an independent pet sitter, although you will have only one person visiting your home and pet, what will happen in case of emergency? What will happen on holidays or vacation time? Think about it…. From 0-10 how reliable this person can be?

Like in any type of company , people come and go as they need to evolve in their lives. Sometimes employees stick around longer than others. When this happens, the company you trusted to care for your pets should have a back up plan.  Whether it is a secondary dog walker who you may already be familiar with or the OWNER(s) themselves.  It doesn’t matter, the team should make it happen!

Tail-Waggers system allows, under managment suppervision, any of their team members to visit your pet when you need it. Dog profiles, dog routines, time slots for pick up and drop off, doggie partners are all available at any moment so the head office can instruct the team.

When hiring a company make note of:

1) are police backgrounds done?
2) will you have the opportunity to meet the walker?
3) are they insured and bonded?

Having employees should not be a reason to discredit a company. Although it may be frustrating to have to switch over dog walkers, keep in mind that in the long run you know you will always be cover and having a peace of mind knowing your pet had his daily dosis of fun!


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