@PawCoutore | Bringing the boutique to your pupstar!

In the Spot Light:


Paw Couture is the newest toy subscription service to hit the scene. The best part? They are local and run their business out of Ontario which means shipping in Canada happens almost overnight! This home grown company was created by two young female entrepreneurs who realized their hectic schedules neglected shopping time for their dog Tequila. With that in mind they created the concept of a monthly quality toy program to ensure that an awesome toy is in your home every single month.

Toy Programs

  • Include toys only
  • Teaser Program has 2 items
  • Three and Six month Program has 2 items/month
  • Cost ranges from$34.99/month month to month including shipping
Assorted Programs
  • Include a variety of items including toys, apparel, dinnerware, collars, leads, accessories and dog treats.
  • Teaser Program has 3 items
  • Three and Six month Program has 2 items/month
Couture Programs
  • include the same items as the Assorted Programs, but the quality of items are higher end (ex. italian leather collars and leads, luxury apparel and gourmet treats).
  • Teaser Program has 3 items
  • Three and Six month Program has 2 items/month

This month our friend Chino  at Leash & Paws in Toronto was able to sample what the toy program is all about and received a toy that would normally come in the toy program.  Chino’s first Paw Couture box arrived! It came with a personalized handwritten card welcoming him and his mom to the program. Ingrid says she loved the card!


Chino’s mom was very pleased with the toy that was selected for him. It had four squeakers in it that peaked his interest immediately, it was also made out a denim material which has made it last through his biting.

The best part is that Paw Couture has you fill a survey out after placing your order so that they can choose a toy best suited for your pup. I will be definitely try out Paw Couture  for my boys Mylo and Chico.


Signing up for the program is easy and you can chose from a variety of options.

Check out Paw Couture at
Website: http://www.pawcouture.ca
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pawcouture
Twitter: twitter.com/pawcouture

We teamed up with Leash & Paws to bring Tail-Waggers readers $10 OFF your first subscription with L&P10 coupon code! 


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