5 things to do with your dog indoors -Tail-Waggers

On days were outdoor time is not a GO-GO due to severe rain, snow storm, heat waves or ice storms, there are my FIVE favorite things to do with my dogs.  These tips will keep my bouts exercise mentally and will also keep them away from boredom. 🙂

1. Get stylish with your dog. This is the perfect time to train your doggo love his booties! Remember these ones will protect him or her from the salt and chemicals in places 

2. Play some belly rubs and ear scratches with your dog. You can add some brushing time to remove old coat.

3. Watch the rain or snow fall down while enjoying the moment. Dogs do this often. Grab a venti and give  your dog his favorite treat in a kong.

4) Watch a movie or read a book all cuddle up with your canine companion.

5) Teach your dog a new trick or practice old ones. This is a great way to exercise your pooch mentally.

So how will you be spending this rainy day with your dog?


Gracie the golden retriever learning the “Peek-a-Boo” trick on a rainy day while on my dog walking shift at Tail-Waggers


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