Recap: Team Group Walk

What: Tail-Waggers first "Team Group Dog Walk"
When: Thursday October 10th 2013
Where: Aurora, ON
Tail-Waggers Team Group Walk in Aurora! 

We  held our very first “Team Group Dog Walk” in Aurora. It was a beautiful day with an amazing weather and gorgeous fall colours.  The group consisted of  10 of our doggie clients and 5 dog walkers.

We met at Our Dog & Co in Aurora on Pedersen Drive,  from there we headed to the Aurora’s streets for over an hour on leash walk! It was not only a very nice experience for the dogs as they had the opportunity to stay out longer than usual and socialize with old doggie friends in a safe environment, but also to all the pedestrians and drivers that waved at us while walking.  It was nice to see smiles  back!

Nonetheless   to say all the dog walkers were thrilled to see a big pack together at the same time for the first time. It was definitely a day full of tail-waggers and happy exercised dogs!  After a huge success, we look forward to our next “Team Group Dog Walk” and we hope we can extend the invitation to our Richmond doggie clients and even better to their parents! Until then, we hope you enjoy these snapshot of a fabulous day!

Click HERE to read it on Snap Aurora!

A huge shout out to Snap Aurora for covering our event, you never know, we may be on November’s paper, and also to Our Dog & Co owner Mark for taking some pictures.Tail-Waggers SNAP Aurora November edittion


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