33 Things I Need to Tell You On My Birthday


Today is my birthday…and YES…. you all now know my age. Not a biggy…HAHA! I believe I am a very lucky gal because you’ve trusted me and my team to spend a little bit of time with your loved ones everyday. Your trust means so much to Tail-Waggers Team. It is now my time to   share with you a bit more about me…… Ready? Here you go!

  1. I drive a Volkswagen Beetle 2000 but deep inside I wish I drive a white black top Jeep Rubicon.
  2. I have a really bad case of ROAD RAGE and I have a very bad attitude towards people that can cause an accident.  If you are a woman and expect me to let you in because of that….it is just not going to happen. Wait your turn and move along!
  3. I am mexican, but over a tequila and corona I rather vodka and Guinness! #yummy
  4. I used to bartender and I LOVED IT! I met great people and some of my closest friends.
  5. Burning bridges is never a bad thing when your capable of building your own …now where are my matches ?  (not my quote but a believer)
  6. I totally love wearing heels… It is just sooo S.E.X.Y.
  7. “Fall down seven times, stand up eight” #fighter  #persist
  8. A book is better than a movie #mostOFtheTIME
  9. I am addicted to social media.
  10. I was never a big fan of “owing your own business” . I like security, however I am enjoying every moment seeing Tail-Waggers grow. # itISmyBaby
  11. I talk to the dogs and cats I care for. They never reply back but who cares. haha!
  12. I am a big fan of movies. Film Fest is a YES-YES in my list.
  13. I don’t mind traveling alone. You can always make new friends.
  14. I’ve been in more places in Canada that I’ve been in Mexico
  15. I love CANADA and I am very thankful for everything this amazing country had given to me for the past 10 years!
  16. All my family is back home in Mexico. I have a sister that is 2 years younger than me and a half brother that I haven’t meet….yet.
  17. My mom, sister and hubby are my BEST FRIENDS!
  18. I want to live in Europe for 1 year.
  19. Besides Tail-Waggers I am seeking a career in the social media or fashion industry.  I strongly believe in VOLUNTEERING and giving back.
  20. HATE HATE HATE people that comes to this country and end up on Welfare not because they need it, but because they are using the system. #shakingHEADS
  21. I LOVE FOOD! Ain’t cheap when it comes down to it.
  22. I want to rescue a DOG and have then my 3 boxers.
  23. Mint-Apple is my favorite Shisha flavor!
  24. HATE  when the ladies at the nails place asked me over and over if I am Chinese! Ugh! Can’t you hear my accent?
  25. Speaking of accents…. it bothers me that I can’t get rid of my latin accent, but it bothers me more than I also have an accent when I speak spanish. Seriously?!
  26. I will teach this to my baby niece: Keep your heels, head & standards high!
  27. I have one tattoo out of the 3 I will have.
  28. I worry VERY MUCH about what will happen if I die before my kids (dogs).
  29. I am not into girlie drinks or girlie things and my favorite color is black.
  30. If I order a “Cabernet Sauvignon”….please please, don’t ask me if I want the red or white version!
  31. If you ask a stupid question, you’ll get a stupid answer
  32. Best concerts: Metallica, korn, Linkin Park,  Bauhaus and Kid Rock.
  33. FRIDAY. My second favorite F word.

~Evelyn | Tail-Waggers


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