#TransformationTuesday | 10 Reasons Why You DON’T Need a Dog Walker!

Yorkshire Terrier puppy dog with alarm clock

“A non exercised dog is a dog with undesired behaviour, health issues and mentally unbalanced” . . . of course that is not a problem,  or is it? 

1. Your dog knows how to keep himself busy at home while everyone is away!  Fair enough, since there is no one around to let the dog out,  to play with him or give him a pet, your dog had developed a plan “B” to relieve “BOREDOM” and “STRESS”.  Thus the mutt masters how to chew shoes, couches, furniture, baseboards or how to go counter surfing.  Not a biggie right? I mean, things can get replaced and, the vet bills can get paid.

2. Your dog can HOLD IT! The last time he was left alone, he went  over 10 hours and he didn’t have any accidents…YAY!  WOW! I don’t want to even imagine the high risk of getting a bladder infection, kidney issues or urinary tract problems in a few years from now! I mean, the dog HOLDS IT because he has no other option. Would you hold it that long? I know I wont and you wont so,  why let Fido go through that?

3. Your dog gets plenty of walks because he goes for a walk in the morning before you go to work and in the evening!  Good for you! Making it a habit of take some time from your busy schedule to walk the dog proves how much you love him. Unfortunately, twice a day is not enough. If no one visits him to let him out and play in the middle of the day,  Fido most likely will spend the day laying around.  A routine of daily dog walks -and I don’t mean twice a day- will give your dog the exercise and mental stimulation he much needs to live a long, healthy and happy life! A group walk in the middle of the day with a professional dog walker will also help your dog to be well socialized.

4. Your dog is lazy and he sleeps ALL DAY!  Of course he does! The less active a dog is the more he sleeps. Get it? The lack of options “to go out for a walk, a play, a mingle with other dogs leaves this lazy dog with no option but to be LAZY! Imagine how lazy this dog is that he waits for someone in his family to come home and I bet he does not move away from the door.

5. Your dog hates walks! Mmmm… interesting! Dogs see the world through smelling. That is the reason why smell walks are so important to keep you dog’s mind and body balanced.  A  “leash walk”  can help to reinforce training and if done as part of a group walk,  your pooch will get the socialization you may wont be able to provide him due to your busy schedule.  If your dog has TONS of energy or if he is sick, a private walk in the middle of the day will give him the opportunity to play ball, go for a run, a hike or just to have companion.

Did you know? Nowadays vets are  seeing more dogs with joint problems at a younger age because the lack of a continue mobility since they spend hours and hours lying around while waiting for someone to come home. 


6. Your dog has a HUGE backyard to run around and the doggie door is available to him! Thanks for thinking about your dog! Doggie doors can be really handy, specially if you know your dog won’t take off from the backyard and,  if you are not afraid of other creatures getting into your home.  However, “doggie doors” are not a replacement for “EXERCISE” .  See the difference?

7. Your dog is picky and hates water! His bowl is always full when you return back from work.  I see the math! If the dog doesn’t drink water, then he doesn’t need to go out for pee….mmm… interesting. I have to tell you that your pooch is a smart cookie. He learned by now that NO ONE will swing by to let him out and enjoy a stroll around the neighbourhood so why will he drink water? If he drinks water during the day he’ll  get screwed.  So not only are you risking the health issues of him holding it until you get back from work, but also of not drinking water.  Dehydration is a lack of water in the body, and can cause serious complications for pets.  Water makes up 80 percent of your dog’s body, and dissolves natural and unnatural substances as well as serves as the root of all his biological processes, including circulation, digestion and waste removal.

8. Your dog rather chill by the window and see who is passing by! Oh! Did your dog tell you this? If your dog barks himself out every time a dog walker pass by, it is probably because he is wondering WHY he is indoors and not out enjoying the fun! It does not matter the size, dogs are dogs and need to interact with other dogs. Give your dog the opportunity to re-discover he is a dog and not a HUMAN BABY!

9. Your dog only likes to walk with you! Should this sentence read “I don’t like others caring for my dog? Maybe and you are not the only one. TRUST is a big thing. However, we need to make the right decisions when it comes down to pet parenting. There are many “washy-washy” dog walkers and pet sitters out there, but if you do your diligence, you’ll find really good professional dog walking and pet sitting companies as well. Don’t know how to start? Check out this info-graphic on “How To Hire The Right Pet Sitter”

10. Your dog doesn’t need a JOB! Really?! Every dog needs a job. Every dog needs a routine and guidance. A dog has an internal clock and he learns really fast that “noon” means time to go out for a walks. If you find yourself a good and professional pet care provider that actually does the job, you’ll find your dog is more relaxed, happy and in a balanced state of mind when you return home from work.

So , Do you still think  you don’t need a dog walker? Remember, in this world we are the ones making decisions for our dogs…. let’s make the right ones and give them then a happy healthy life!

:: Image credit  cutestsmalldogs.com & bestbullysticks.com

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    • Hey! Thanks so much for the feedback! I had so much fun putting this together because I have to admit… I heard them all….. Thanks for the tweak it is very much appreciated! 😉

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