Stop Caring What Others Think and Stand Up for Your Dogs (by Jessica Dolce of DINOS)


Image Source: DINOS Blog. Click the 
photo to be redirected to their site

I found this post while browsing DINOS blog.  Aa s a dog walker myself and owned by two boxers I could not resist the title.  A dog walker, pet sitter or trainer  has it all.  You get dogs that are simple happy dogs, but also the ones that need more space and, the ones that does not have manners. My priority while with the dogs I walk or my own is to set them up to success and ALWAYS in a safe environment. If I make the right decision for my dog I then secure his success.  But go check out what Jessica Dolce has to say about this topic! To read the post click on the following link:

 Stop Caring What Others Think and Stand Up for Your Dogs.

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