10 Ways a Dog Walker Can Protect Your Home While You Are Away

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Headed out of town this summer season?  Before you pack up the car or head to the airport make sure your #1 asset, your home is fully protected. So, before you close the doors keep in mind the following:

  1. Leave a set of keys with a trusted person like your dog walker. While they are visiting your pet (s), they can also keep an eye on things. Your pet won’t be home? No problem, many pet sitting and dog walking companies offer “Home Sitting”. This way, if there is a plumbing emergency or anything else unexpected comes up they can get in and take care of it.  Make sure you talk to them about policies and procedures in case an emergency arises.  Also leave them with your cell number and the number of where you are staying (just in case).
  2. Unplug appliances because they draw energy even when they are not in use.  Why pay for electricity you are not using?
  3. Take out the trash. Yep, unless you want to come back home with a nasty smell all around the house…Gross!… If you forget to take out the garbage just send a quick email, text or phone call to your home/pet sitter and ask them to take care of it!
  4. Adjust the thermostat. No need to cool/heat a house no one is in, BUT if your pet is home ensure to ask your pet sitter to adjust the thermostat depending on the weather so Fido or the car are comfortable while you are away.
  5. Unplug your electronics. On the off chance there is an electrical storm while you are away your electronics will be safe if they are unplugged.  Should a lightening bolt hit your home it could possibly fry any electronics that are plugged in.  This is a case of better safe than sorry.
  6. Stop the mail and the newspaper. If you don’t have anyone to collect your mail simple hold off on delivery, but if you have a home / pet  sitter ask them to bring in the paper and mail every time they visit your home.
  7. Put lights on a timer.  If you browse around,  you can find that typically robbers will stake out a house before they rob it.  If lights are coming on and off it will appear as though someone is home.  Timers are simple to use and worth the small cost.  If you are very concerned, you can even put the timers on your tv to help with the illusion, set up cameras and again, if you have a pet/home sitter come over even a couple of times during the day, no one will notice that the house is empty. A few buck is worth the peace of mind.
  8. Clean out the fridge. There is nothing worse that a fridge full of rotten food on the first day back from a deserved trip!
  9. Unplug  the garage door. If the door has an automatic opening device, unplug it.
  10. And DON’T post online for the whole world to see that you are out of town. Change your Facebook privacy settings or simple wait to post your pictures until after you returned home. Some apps like Instagram have attached a GPS system that will let people find out the exact location where the picture was taken. Other apps like Facebook get rid of that GPS information as soon as they are posted on their site, but, why advertise that your house is empty either way?

The best way to enjoy a well deserved vacation or to focus on a last minute business trip or emergency is  to have a peace of mind that your pet (s) and your home are well taken care with the help of professional pet sitters and dog walkers you can trust on !

Image source: vacationrentalsmissionbeach.com


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