How to celebrate MOTHER’S DAY stress free!

mothers dayMother’s day is just around the corner and many of us are already making plans to spend the day with family and friends.

I attended a networking event this weekend and  I met a very friendly and smart lady.  We were chit-chatting and “Mother’s Day” topic came up.  All the sudden she started to look really anxious as we got deep in the conversation. I asked what was the problem and after hesitating, she told me that she felt so guilty because adding up all the people she needed to visit on that weekend plus the trip to New York to visit his mother in-law,  she knew she  needed 4 days off!

I said to her: that is not a biggy women!

She said: of course it is!  Rupet is going to hate me if I send him over the kennel again! And what about Tootsy and Nickle? Last time I asked the neighbor to looked after the cats, Tootsy ended up taking off and spent the night outdoors!

I knew exactly what she was going through as many of our clients have never used a pet care provider before they contacted Tail-Waggers. I told her not to worry because I knew the perfect solution to her concerns.  She didn’t know about “pet sitters” or “pet visits” or “dog walkers”. I emailed her the “How to Hire the Right Pet Sitter Info-Graphic” and  a few days later she contacted me to let me know how THANKFUL she was about all the valuable information I shared with her because she was now searching for a reliable pet sitting company in her area to visit her pets (dog and cats) while she was away with the family during  Mother’s Day weekend.

Honestly, receiving her email made my day!  Knowing that Rupet, Tootsy and Nickle didn’t have to suffer the stress of  seeing their family  go away and left under maybe    -well hearted – but non professional people was a completely relieve and peace of mind for my new friend. PLUS, like a mentioned to her, having a pet sitter  visiting your home regularly will also keep your home safe and no one will know you are not home.

My last advice to her was: PLAN AHEAD AND BOOK IT!  A reputable dog walking & pet sitting company will most likely book quickly.  For example. To learn more benefits of PET VISITS services click HERE.

Tail-Waggers has some spots available for


but they are limited so

HURRY UP and reserve your spot NOW

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template LOGOREDTail-Waggers  Dog Walking & Pet Sitting provides professional pet care through daily dog walking and pet sitting services in Aurora, Richmond Hill and Newmarket area of pet owners.  Our passion is to care for your pet as we would for our very own to ensure your pet receives the daily exercise and mental stimulation he much needs to be in a balanced state of mind and live thus a long happy healthy life.  We now serve Raw Food  for Dogs! | | 647.205.9405

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