The Unwanted Guest | Fleas & Ticks

dog-scratchingYes! It is that time of the year again when we have to prepare at any cost against fleas &  ticks 

So, what exactly are ticks?

Plain: “ticks are external parasites that require blood from their host (your cat or dog, or even YOU), to sustain life. Ticks generally live in wooded areas, bushes, undergrowth, meadows, and clearings. But they can also be found anywhere there is grass.”  Because of this,  you must examining your pet every day and taking action.

Why is my PET a favorite for fleas and ticks?

These parasites have several mechanisms they use to detect their hosts: olfaction, gustation, molecular detection or non-specific chemo-receptors, sense the temperature gradient around the host  to mention some.

Did you know?

The most important detection mechanisms is odor (olfaction). Fleas and ticks have olfactory receptor neurons narrowly tuned to specific odors they innately search for.  This is  why many flea and tick repellents on the market today mask the specific odors on your pet that pests are searching for in the environment.  However, some of the most effective products in repelling fleas and ticks contain harsh chemicals for your pet, so do your homework before marrying with an specific brand.

Prevention Program

The following are a series of steps that we implement with Tail-Waggers CEO Mylo.  So far we had been successful and we hope -“paws crossed”- that it remains the same.

Feed your pet a balanced and appropriate diet because Parasites are drawn to the weakest hosts they can find. So keeping fido  healthy and with a strong immune system is a MUST.  For those one feeding RAW make sure you are giving the correct proportions (meat, bone, offals) and for kibble users ensure you are providing a good premium wheat free product.

Bathe your pet  with a natural and  non-toxic pet shampoo. By doing this you will keep pests away but also you are making the “check out process” easy. Remember fleas and ticks poop looks looks like dirt!   Also, keep in mind that your dogs spend lots of time outdoors while  going out for his daily dog walks with a professional dog walkers, so a bath is a YES-YES!  For my fellow cat parents, we all know “bathing” may not be the GO-GO thing for your feline companion,  but they pretty much keep themselves clean with grooming. If your cat doesn’t mind a bath, then by all means go ahed.  This is especially true if your cat spends time outdoors.

Brushing or combing  will help you find pests on your pet’s fur and skin. Plus, it makes their coat look fantastic and it can provide a great bonding experience.  Some pet sitters will spend indoor time with dogs.  This is something you can ask them to do for you.  We at Tail-Waggers offer this  for FREE  pet care services when days are too hot or too cold to be outdoors for a long period of time.

Clean their house, specially your pet’s bedding. Remember pests can find their way into your home.  By keeping your floors, curtains and furniture clean and vacuumed will help prevent fleas and ticks from anchoring themselves in cracks and crevices.

Check the outdoor areas since we know tick, flea, and mosquito infestations start there.  Simple,  cut the grass often  and rake leaves to limit the places where pests can hide and breed.

We hope you find this information useful as much as we did when we first learn about it! Make sure to LIKE us on Facebook to see what our clients are doing right now and  don’t forget to join our Mailing List to be the first one to receive our Newsletter, promotions, giveaways and more!

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    • Hi Denisha! Thank you for the kind words 🙂 On the right hand side you can sign up to get updates from this blog. You just have to type your email address. Have a fabulous day! ~Evelyn

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