Cat Nip. Kitty crack. The Feline High.


If your cat goes wild in the presence of catnip, he or she isn’t alone.  


  • 75% of all felines have an affinity towards this crazy plant.
  • There are 250 varieties of catnip, and all of them will make kitty go WILD  (it varies from cat to cat)
  • Catnip’s active ingredient is called nepetalactone
  • The “feline high” lasts between 5-10 minutes.
  • For some cats it will only reflects on a “CHILAX” effect.
  • Catnip can stimulate a hallucinogenic effect in kitties and it can act as an aphrodisiac. . . (the good stuff eh?!… *lol*)
  • Nepetalactone has been known to have a  VERY SUBTLE effect on humans and it is quite good at repelling mosquitos, cockroaches and other insects.
  • Catnip it’s harmless and your feline companion will not overdose

We hope you find this information useful! Visit the  Scientific American website for more. In the mean time make sure to LIKE us on Tail-Waggers Dog Wakers Facebook  page to see what our clients are doing right now and  don’t forget to join our Mailing List to be the first one to receive our Newsletter, promotions, giveaways and more!




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