How to care for a puppy while you are at work?


Potty breaks  are exactly what you need when a new pup arrives to your home! Why?  Pups are prone to separation anxiety and most importantly while in the process of learning how to control their bladder.  For puppies of ages between 8 and 12 weeks old it is recommended to take them out at least twice daily while you are away at work. Also, puppies at this age will most likely need a snack between breakfast and dinner time.

Puppies should initiate their training at an early age.  A reliable and professional pet sitter or dog walker can help you to reinforce any training you are working on.  At an early stage and until the pup gets all his vaccines and shots, it is recommended he doesn’t interact with other dogs. Thus a pet sitter should spend a one-on-one session with your pup. Once he is ready he can definitely graduate to group walks and start his socialization.

It’s true puppies are cute and everyone loves playing with them, but they also require a lot of care, supervision and house training.  When you are not home, the last one can be a bit hectic.  A professional pet sitter/dog walker is someone you can rely on.


  1. Have a peace of mind knowing your puppy is receiving the exercise, potty breaks and attention he deserves and needs
  2. Know that your pup will be sleeping after each session after a good meal.
  3. Rest assure, your “baby” will be a happy one when you return home.
  4. Know that your pup wont have to hold his pee for too long.  Avoid visits to the vet.
  5. While you are away, you can feel confident that your pet is in capable, professional and caring hands
  6. Have someone professional reinforcing any training you are working on

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