Are Pet Visits an option for you when you are away, working late or an emergency arise?


There are many reasons why you may have to be away from home; then you realize,  what is going to happen with the dog? Although a dog could be fine when staying at  a kennel, there are many other factors to consider.  Putting your dog in an environment that is not close enough to what he knows as “HOME” can make a big impact on him.  It is familiars for us to hear about dogs that were mad at their owners after being left at a kennel or they came home sick and stress.  As a pet parent myself I know that is not what I want for my dogs.

Thus, Pet Visits in your own home is a great option to avoid boarding your family pets at a kennel or boarding facility. This way, you wont leave your home unattended.  What is a Pet Visit? This means your dog(s) stays in his/hers own home and our team of professional pet sitters  make sure to come by to visit them and feed, cuddle and take him for walks many times  through the day!  Usually we recommend to have 3 visits per day: morning,  afternoon and night.  The main GOAL for  Pet Visits is to keep their schedule as close as possible to their day to day routine.  There are many benefits for your DOG and YOU when using Pet Visits.

To  your DOG: 

  • His routine is kept as close to normal while you are away
  • Reduces risk of exposure to illnesses from other animals
  • Leave behind the stress your dog’s feel when going to a place that is not their own
  • Avoid traumas  by traveling to kennel and watching owner walk away
  • Will receive TLC as if he is our own dog!
  • Will receive the exercise and potty breaks he needs to be a happy, healthy, balanced dog
  • We will reinforce any obedience training you are working on using the same technique you indicate
  • Happy dogs equal happy parents!


  • Have the peace of mind knowing your pet is receiving the exercise, potty breaks and attention he deserves and need!
  • Rest assure, your “baby” will be a happy one when you return home
  • While you are away, you can feel confident that your pet is in capable, professional and caring hands


  • Your home is made more secure by having us over a few times a day
  •  We will pick up your mail and brining in flyers & Newsletter.
  • We will water indoor and outdoor plants…of course within reason!
  • What about garbage day? No worries! We will take care of that by putting out and bringing in the garbage, recycle and green bin.
  • We will also turn lights on and off and rotate drapes if desired. We follow your instructions.

When can i use this  type of service?

Are you having a long day at work? An emergency arises and you can make it back home on time? Are you planing a vacation trip?  Illness appears and you don’t have the energy of time to exercise your?  short notice things? YES, you can use PET VISITS on all of this situations!

Is that it?

NO! At Tail-Waggers Dog Walking & Pet Sitting we:

  • Will reinforce  the training you are doing with your dogs while we are out walking!
  • Are just a call, tweet, Facebook  message, text or email away, either to let them out  or give them dinner when those last minute events arise.
  • Will treat each one of our FUR-clients just the same way we treat our own dog: with love and respect!

Ready to give us a try? or just want to know more about us?  Contact us today and set up you FREE in home consultation.

template LOGOREDTail-Waggers  Dog Walking & Pet Sitting provides professional pet care through daily dog walking and pet sitting services in Aurora, Richmond Hill and Newmarket area of pet owners.  Our passion is to care for your pet as we would for our very own to ensure your pet receives the daily exercise and mental stimulation he much needs to be in a balanced state of mind and live thus a long happy healthy life.  We now serve Raw Food  for Dogs! | | 647.205.9405 | Twitter   |  Facebook


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