5 Tips to a Happy March Break For Your Pets

MARCH BREAK IMAGEPart of planning a trip usually includes planning on what to do with your  pooch or feline companion. March it is a very exciting month for many families, its SPRING BREAK! But lets be honest, despite the excitement,  there is one bundle of joy that might be less pumped. You got it!  That is YOUR PET. . .

If you are part of the lucky few that can rely on close friends, family, or trustworthy neighbours – good for you!  The rest of us have to look outwards for reliable and professional pet sitters.  Uneasy or unsure? Check  out these tips:

1. Have a Plan! 

Know exactly when will you need your dog or cat to receive a visit/walk and make sure to  check with the company scheduling policies. Will you need one visit per day or more than one? Will your pet need to be feed? If so have the enough food available. Is your dog okay to go for group walks? Does he need certain vaccines to join group walks?

2. Interview The Company:

A reputable pet sitter provider  will have no problem talking to you and answering any questions you may have.  Request for referrals, check their website, inquire about the staff that will be doing the visits, ask about insurance, updates. Inquire about ADDS-ON

3. What Will This Cost?

Part of budgeting for your trip is budgeting for your dogs care while away.  See if you can get a written estimate of the cost of your dogs stay.  Also, ask about hidden fees or unexpected add ons.

4. Emergency Contact Information

Make sure you give the pet sitter/dog walker all the right contact information in case of an emergency. Vet information is super important. On the same flow as for their contact information so you can reach them at anytime if needed.

5. What if Your Dog Becomes Sick or Injured?

How does the staff monitor your dog while he is in their care?  Do they keep a log of feedings and potty trips?  If your dog does become ill will they call a vet or your vet?  Will they transport your dog to a veterinary facility if needed?

Doing your leg work and asking the right questions will help you and your dog to have a happy and safe vacation.

Enjoy your trip!

Tail-Waggers.ca | YOUR PET CARE STOP!

template LOGOREDTail-Waggers  Dog Walking & Pet Sitting provides professional pet care through daily dog walking and pet sitting services in Aurora, Richmond Hill and Newmarket area of pet owners.  Our passion is to care for your pet as we would for our very own to ensure your pet receives the daily exercise and mental stimulation he much needs to be in a balanced state of mind and live thus a long happy healthy life.  Now Serving Canadian Sourced  RAW FOOD FOR DOGS. Visit our website for more information.  

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