Raw Diet and Pet Dental Health

#WellnessWednesday | Benefits of Raw Diet to Dental Health

Is the concept of raw pet food a little too out of the box for you? Why don’t you keep this in mind:  the form of the food we feed our pets is crucial to their oral health. Unfortunately, neither  kibble or cooked canned pet food are the natural form of food for a carnivorous canine or feline to consume.

Just as with human beings, one of the biggest health issues today in pets is  oral health. The sad truth is that the majority of domestic cats and dogs fed a diet of commercial pet food these days develop either gingivitis or full blown periodontal disease by the age of 3.  Cans and bags of pet food usually contain large amounts of soy, grains and/or other starchy plant based foods that lack nutrients and that are not well assimilated by the animals consuming them.

A raw diet complete with raw meaty bones is enough to prevent and even treat dental disease. WHY? Because raw foods contain naturally occurring enzymes that help protect the teeth and gums.  On top of that, a raw diet does not contain unnatural and damaging starches and sugars, thus the unhealthy bacterial growth in the mouth wont appear.  On top if this, since raw foods don’t contain synthetic ingredients, harmful aflatoxins or other chemical, the dog’s immune system wont be stressed. 



With a raw diet your dog can have stronger and healthier gums because when they eat hunks of raw muscle meat and raw meaty bones, including attached sinew, tendons, cartilage, and other connective tissues, the ripping, tearing and gnawing they’re compelled to do with their teeth and jaws provides these animals’ mouths with a naturally beneficial scrubbing and flossing action.  A raw diet can also help to keep their teeth clean and white as well as to get rid of bad breath.

 Feeding dogs and cats  the diet they were designed to eat  -RAW- can save him from  dental disease and will avoid that yearly visit to the vet to remove tartar and plaque caused by processed foods.

Disclaimer: It’s important to note that although we raw feed our dogs and believe in the amazing benefits of raw diet, in no way we are  suggesting here that raw diets for pets are a remedy, or that feeding your pet raw will assuage or resolve any or all medical problem

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