Pet Horoscope | Aquarius “The Friend”



The Aquarius Dog is determined  to unearth the truth about everything and everyone. To this canine, knowing a little about anything is tantamount to knowing nothing at all. Thus, he or she can easily be demanding when it comes to sought-after knowledge, but can be aggravatingly slow if an owner is trying to get from Point “A” to Point “B” in a hurry.  Often, this dog possesses traits that even other canines find to be quite peculiar.

Usually well-built and often on the tall side for his or her particular breed standard, the Aquarius Dog will have eyes that are deep and widely set apart. The expression is invariably tranquil and on occasion, the head of this dog appears to droop…almost as though the thoughts twirling around inside were all too heavy. This canine makes for a good house dog, being steady and calm, not given to rushing around and creating havoc or chaos.

The Aquarius Dog will quietly get on with life…investigating, discovering and wondering. What an owner finds, when he or she catches up with this dog, may well be chaotic, but will have been created peacefully with a definite air of detachment.


source | | YOUR PET CARE STOP!

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