The Meaning of a Smell Walk

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Most of us will agree that going for a walk is just for the dog’s sake.  It is for him that I wake up early enough so we can catch an off leash romp at the park before people come out of their house,  it is for the dog that I go on hikes on a saturday morning when I could be sleeping in.

Yet, dog-walks are often not done with the dog’s sake in mind. People yank their dogs to get noses out of smells to get on with the walk.

A good dog-walk should be what your dog WANTS. Let the dog smell, explore, teach the dog the things you want him to do in a way he can understand but let the dog enjoy the walk.

Let him roll in whatever-that-thing-is once in a while, walk off leash when you can. Observe him, try to find why-the-dog -does-this-or-that.

The more you observe the more you’ll know him. The configuration of the head, face, body and tail are all meaningful. Dogs can say more than one thing at a time.

It is not a matter of how-long-is-the-walk-for but a matter of quality. Let your dog be a dog. He’ll be happy and balanced. Make that morning his morning. Soon you’ll realize how priceless these moments are!

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