It Stinks But Dogs Love It! | Fresh Green Tripe


Green tripe stinks! I still don’t get why is my dog drooling when I literately just pulled out the tripe container…YES! with the lid still on.

Tripe has a calcium-phosphorus ratio of 1:1, which is great for dogs. It has a relatively low fat content, along with good amounts of essential fatty acids. Potassium, vitamins, magnesium, are all components to tripe and beneficial for our canine companions. Also, beyond the chemical compositions of tripe, the food contains good amounts of lactobacillus acidophilus which is a pro-biotic and aides in digestion
Green Tripe benefits for your dog are:

  1. General over-all health improvement
  2. Reduced skin problems
  3. Shinier coats because it is super rich in Omega 3’s
  4. Better teeth, natural floss
  5. Stronger muscles
  6. Tripe is a natural probiotic and improves and aids digestion because contains natural digestive enzymes
  7. Tripe is ideal for seniors and dogs with kidney/renal failure as it is low is phosphorous
  8. Tripe is loaded with vitamins and minerals

Our product:

Protein (max) 12%
Fat (min) 7%
Moisture 69%
Calcium 1.19%

But that is not it! Green tripe also helps with the fussiest of eaters, just add a few scoops of tripe to any raw meal and see how your dog goes crazy with his food! Tail-Waggers carries ground and solid beef tripe and lamb tripe in convenient 1lb, and 4lb.

Have more questions, place an order and see our entire menu visit and send us an email. Give your special dog the best diet for a happy long healthy life! | YOUR PET CARE STOP!

LOGO FINAL 2012Tail-Waggers  Dog Walking & Pet Sitting provides professional pet care through daily dog walking and pet sitting services in Aurora, Richmond Hill and Newmarket area of pet owners.  Our passion is to care for your pet as we would for our very own to ensure your pet receives the daily exercise and mental stimulation he much needs to be in a balanced state of mind and live thus a long happy healthy life.  Now Serving Canadian Sourced  RAW FOOD FOR DOGS. Visit our website for more information. | | 647.205.9405 | Twitter   |  Facebook

image by Dog Boarding and Training Surrey


2 thoughts on “It Stinks But Dogs Love It! | Fresh Green Tripe

    • Hi Richard! Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to read the post. I still don’t get WHY dogs love tripe but my little one (3 months old boxer) dances as soon as I bring the tripe container out!!! You figure 😉

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