“Fresh Step” Cat Litter | A New Formula

T H E   J U D G E :


My name is Dixie.

I am a female 12 years old, spayed and I am what humans call domestic medium haired cat.  I have managing Kidney disease so I pee often.

T H E   P R O D U C T :

Fresh Step Scoopable Clumping Cat Litter contains odor-eliminating carbon to keep your home smelling fresh. The litter clumps to let you easily scoop away messes.

  • Helps keep litter boxes and your home smelling fresh
  • Contains odor-eliminating carbon for odor control
  • Clumps for easy scooping and cleaning

T H E  P R O S  &  C O N S  (by my human mom):

Odor control was great. I didn’t mind cleaning the kitty litter box as it smelled pleasant.
I noticed, when Dixie sat beside me after using her litter box, that her feet smelled good! It is very easy to scoop out the used litter area, as it clumps very well.
I found I didn’t waste much litter when scooping because the excellent clumping action.
I found I have to clean the litter box more frequently because the clumping of the pee area is quite large and heavy and Dixie wouldn’t be able to move the clumped area on her own.

T H E   R E S U L T S :

When I was asked to try out a new kitty litter my first reaction was: ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I am very picky so I only accept good stuff. I used to refuse other kitty litter brands and I would rather pee on dogs pee pad rather then use some kitty litters. Mom insisted and without notice the new kitty litter was at home. I am happy mom pushed me to try out because I liked it and I will probably get my mom to buy it again. One regular box of Fresh Step lasted about a month for just me 😉

To learn more about Fresh Step visit their site http://see.walmart.ca/freshstep/?lang=en and definitely check out their Cat Dance Film Festival  2013

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