pa-dog-license Unknown 2.07.16 PMA couple of years ago I was walking my dog, we were working on “leash walking”,  thus it totally slipped out of my mind that the collar he was wearing at the time we went out for a walk did not have his license and vaccines tags.  As we were coming back home someone approached us and identified himself as someone working for the OSPCA. The York Region branch of the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty for Animals (OSPCA) is responsible for enforcing the Town of Aurora’s animal control by-law, and operates the municipality’s animal shelter.

He made a point that my dog did not have his license on and that I could get a fine for breaking the law.   After I explained myself as of why he didn’t have them on, the officer explained to me the importance of having an updated license. I wasn’t far away from home so I did have the opportunity to explain that we could walk to my home to show him the tags.   Saying this, YES your dog or cat need a license!  In Canada dog and cat licenses are required by law. Thus, as the new year arrives a new license MUST be obtained form the city offices you reside on.

REMEMBER, licensing your dog could play a critical role in identifying your pet, should your dog become lost or injured. It also attempts to ensure that all dogs have been given their rabies vaccination, which means a healthier and safer environment for you and your pets. The number on the license tag can assist someone in returning a lost dog, or obtaining aid for injured dogs more quickly. If you find a lost or injured dog, contact Animal Control or the Town’s licensing office to have arrangements made for the safe return of the dog.

As pet owners ourselves and professional pet care providers it is our responsibility to keep you informed. We of course love your pets and we love to spend time with them and we take our JOB and the WELL BEING of your pet very seriously.  Accidents can happen and we all need to be ahead of any unfortunate event, so PLEASE  make the time and effort to obtain a new license for your dog or cat  for the New Year 2013.

Where do I get it?

Do not panic! Click on the name of the city you reside and this will take you to the webpage with information of places in your city where you can obtain a license for your pet.

Aurora , Richmond Hill , Newmarket , King City and Toronto 

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