A girl and Charlie the Portuguese Water Dog

ImageOn the morning of November 22 as I was browsing my Facebook new feeds I came across to a post about a dog missing in the Durham Forest.

“Charlie is a Portuguese Water Dog – 2 years old – mainly black with white markings on chest and paws. Charlie weighs approximately 58 pounds. Charlie was last seen Sunday, November 18th around 3:30 p.m. Charlie was believed to be in the area just south of Uxbridge. Charlie is microchipped and he was wearing a red collar with Town of Stouffville dog tag and rabies tag from Stouffville Veterinary Clinic.”

Immediately many people started to cross post this information on Facebook and Twitter including myself. I couldn’t stop thinking how sad this story was. Lately it seems that “missing dogs” is something common to hear about. I guess the reality is that because of social media the public have access to these stories, whether before it was hard to know about it. There is a case of a brindle boxer named Miya that went lost on July of this year in Princeton, Ontario. Her mom is still on the search. To follow Miya’s story look up her Facebook page at Help Find Miya. Some hope has been given to her after someone sighted a a very skinny boxer on her way to Woodstock.

In the case of Charlie the Portuguese Water Dog things turned out very good. The same day I found out he went missing I called the number on the add to inquire about any news. I didn’t heard back from them. The next morning I emailed them and I was very happy to read the response: “…Charlie is fine, and was found by my friend and her daughter of all things! He is exhausted and moving slowly. He is limping a bit with a sore paw, but the vet said this will heal nicely. He said he wasn’t dehydrated, so he must have been getting water somewhere. He was completely COVERED in burrs, but my groomer has cleaned him up beautifully. I have attached “before” pictures of his tail and ear, as well as the “after” cleaned-up picture.

At this point I was already in tears… happy ones. This past summer I was involved in a group search to help out a friend who lost her dog so I had a pretty clear idea of how Charlie’s owners were feeling. Following is the complete account of Charlie’s event by her owner Carol:

“This is a truly unbelievable and wonderful story, and I want to thank everyone out there who helped us (and there are many): my friend Lisa was driving her daughter, Brett, to school this morning at Uxbridge High. Brett is 14 and on my daughter, Anna’s hockey team. They were early, so Brett asked her mom to drive around to look for Charlie. They spotted what they thought was him on Concession 7 (Main St. Uxbridge) south of Davis Drive. Brett made her mom stop the car, and out they ran with their boxer, Hudson. Another lady with a pickup truck tried to corner him, but off he ran through the subdivision and north. His incredible smarts and physical strength are often an asset, but in this case he must have been so stressed and wary of strangers that his flight response took over.

imageThey took off after him running at high speed, and couldn’t get him. He would stop and catch his breath and take off again. He ran into a corn field at which point Lisa couldn’t see Brett and Hudson anymore and was worried about her. She told Brett to stop, but Brett kept going and said ” I won’t stop until I find Charlie.” After more running, Charlie stopped to catch his breath and Brett said to him: “Anna is here. Anna. Anna. ” Anna is my daughter. He looked at her and didn’t move. Hudson approached him and Brett slowly walked toward him and put the leash on. Lisa said that Brett ran for probably 5 kilometres before she got him.

They drove him to the vet in Stouffville where my husband met them. The vet checked him thoroughly, and said he is exhausted and has a small abrasion on his right paw which is minor. He will have very sore muscles from running for days (he was about 10 kilometres from where he was lost). He is tough, young, and in good physical condition which served him well. He also has a will of steel.

It truly was amazing, and I want to thank everyone who spent time looking, riding/walking trails, emailing, posting, phoning and worrying. I know there were sightings around Uxbridge this morning, and I truly appreciate those people who posted their tips. The world is full of good people, and when everyone comes together, great things can happen. And one mom and a special 14-year-old girl are heroes today. Thank you, Lisa and Brett! -Carol”

imageCarol is totally right, when people come together great things happen! Nowadays social media channels give us the opportunity to join forces and help others. This is definitely a story I wanted to share with all of you. Thank you to everyone that shared the post on Facebook and Twitter, by doing this you participated on SHARE A LINK. SAVE A PAW! program. Remember social media when used in a positive way can turn out on great things; but a very very special recognition to Brett and her boxer Hudson for being so determinate to capture Charlie! You are an example to follow!

When you see a link of a dog or animal in need, please don’t ignore, instead SHARE A LINK to SAVE A PAW!

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