Hurricane Sandy | 7 Pet Safety Tips

A rainy week is ahead and although we are not going to get hit by Sandy many on the east side  are already thinking about how they are going to get to  work, school, how to protect their home and their pets.  About a month ago we attended a Pet First AID Course at the OSPCA. They were talking about disasters and how to prepare our pets in case we can’t make it home on time  or if the area gets evacuated. Following are some actions to take:

  1. Information is the most important thing to have during a natural disaster. Always keep the phone numbers and addresses of veterinarians, shelters and pet-friendly hotels, as well as you pet’s medical records and medication information.
  2. Keep cats and dogs inside. It is not only about the cold but if it gets windy having your pets indoors is a must since many dangerous objects can fly around and hurt the animals.
  3. If, dog-forbid, your pet get gets separated from you, you should have all the right tools to find him or her.  Make sure Fido or Fluffy is wearing a collar with proper identification or has an implanted microchip that can easily locate him or her.  Did you check it yet? If you and your pet need to leave your home, have a safe, strong, comfortable leash or a sturdy carrier.!  
  4.  Make sure you have enough food for your pet in the house. Wet food is recommended in case you can’t leave  your house for a while. Ensure you have enough food, medication and water.
  5. Make sure you have your pet first aid kit up to date and ready. Include items like photocopies of your pet vets records: vaccines, any medical condition or medicine they are under, allergies, etc. Also include the  vet’s contact information and emergency contacts in case you can’t get to your pet and he has to be evacuated. Make sure to leave this kit visible by the front door. Include a picture of your pet.
  6.  Have a current photo of your pet in case you  have to look for him and  hang posters.
  7. Make sure to contact your Pet Care provider: dog walker or pet sitter if you know you wont make it on time home .

Evelyn | Tail-Waggers

Tail-Waggers  Dog Walking & Pet Sitting provides professional pet care through daily dog walking and pet sitting services in Aurora, Richmond Hill and Newmarket area of pet owners.  Our passion is to care for your pet as we would for our very own to ensure your pet receives the daily exercise and mental stimulation he much needs to be in a balanced state of mind and live thus a long happy healthy life. | | 647.205.9405 | Twitter   |  Facebook 

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