Has your dog gone wild? | The need of hiring a pet sitter



Professional  pet care providers  through daily dog walking and pet sitting for our beloved pets is a need for  many busy families nowadays.  Does any of these sound familiar? :  I feel at fault that my DOG is alone all day sleeping and sitting around.  I am so busy at work.  I am going on a vacation.  I don’t want to ask another favor to my friend and neighbor. I want my dog to be HAPPY & HEALTHY. I am a busy mom. I have an emergency. Who is feeding the dog?”

Having these thoughts can be threaten but remember you are not ALONE!  All you need is to find  the right  professional and reliable pet care provider known as a dog walker and pet sitter that you can trust to look after your  pet and your house when for whatever reason you can’t be around.

Tail-Waggers provides  professional pet care through daily dog walking, in home vacation care, cat visits, puppy potty breaks and pet sitting services.  Our passion is to care for your pet as we would for our very own because we understand how important it is to give your pet  daily exercise and mental stimulation to be in a balanced state of mind and live thus a happy and healthy life.  Just like for humans, sitting around all day is not good. Daily walks keep their joints and organs moving. Dogs also crave the stimulating sights, sounds and scents that only being outside can provide maintaining mental alertness and avoiding “unwanted behaviours” at home. 

Whether you need a daily mid day walk, let out or visit when you have a long day at work, a party to attend, an emergency or when you simple can’t be there, have a peace of mind that your beloved pets will be looked after by the best pet care providers!  At Tail-Waggers Dog Walking & Pet Sitting we are experienced handling small and large breeds, puppies, seniors and young dogs as well as administrating medicine when required. We are pet first aid certified, insured and bonded with Binks and active member of Pet Sitters International.  Tail-Waggers Dog Walking & pet sitting services in Aurora, Richmond Hill and Newmarket area of pet owners.


For more information about our pet care and pet sitting services visit our website  at  www.tail-waggers.ca.  You know you can call us anytime to   set up a FREE consultation.  We look forward meeting you and your pet so together we can create the best pet sitting plan for your pet!





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