12 dog thoughts about Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving 2013 we are thankful for all those morning hikes enjoying the nature and playing ball while Mylo and Chico can run free!

Grandma always just to say: Be thankful every day about what life brings to you – the good and bad- you’ll feel content then!  I try  to apply grandma’s words  everyday…but  sometimes it just slip out of my mind….

This Thanksgiving I am thankful to have the MOST amazing family and friends, you guys rock!. I am also thankful to be part of an incredible  team of Pet Care Providers and  have the opportunity to give these pets a care that  goes above and beyond the call of duty. I am very thankful to all our two and four leg’s clients  that believe in us.  Each one of  you know YOUR PETS are now part of our family! I am also thankful  to the people and local businesses for their great support, in only 3 years,  Tail-Waggers  had done so much!

We will always be THANKFUL to you!  I also have to be thankful because this year Chico  -our younger boxer-   came into our lives. He is now my oldest boxer Mylo best friend!

I had to ask them  what are they thankful for? This is what they told me:

We are thankful for:

  • A warm cozy dog bed to curl up into every night and for the morning cuddles with mom.
  • The joys found within the dirty clothes basket…haha
  • Tasty, healthy dog food that doesn’t taste like cardboard – expensive but worth it :
  • That the scary and loud blue  machine that mom pushes around the carpet is kept in the closet most of the time
  • That we successfully scare away those scary things across the street from our home by merely barking at them… (silly rabbits those were just the construction machines on the new subdivision)
  • House guests that leave their purses on the floor, preferably unzipped … *wink-wink*
  • The Chill out Music Channel Station  for when mom and dad are not home
  • When the internet connection goes down or when their phone battery dies …because then our people have to get up and play with us
  • Car rides  (to anywhere but the vet)
  • Warm clothes straight out of the dryer …. *sigh* …
  • That dad inadvertently drops a lot of noms on the floor when preparing food in the kitchen

Do any of these sound familiar?  If your pet had a gratitude journal, what might it say? Share your comments below or on our Dog Lovers  Facebook Page!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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