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This fabulous post was written by Ingrid Castro, owner of Leash & Paws.  Leash & Paws is a professional dog walking company servicing the Toronto Downtown area.  Connect with hem on Facebook  &  Twitter!


I recently began signing up for a number of monthly make up boxes that are delivered to your door on a monthly basis filled with samples and beauty goodies. Shortly after I came across BarkBox and thought how awesome is this company that sends you goodies for your dog, features great companies and donate a portion to shelter or rescue. I was disappointed to find out that they did not deliver to Canada when I contacted them but left my information nonetheless and kept my fingers crossed. A month later I received and email informing me that BARKBOX was coming to Canada :)Yay!

I logged on right away and placed my order for my box. I love that they cater to every size dog from
Small (0-20lbs), Just Right (20-50lbs), Big&Bold (50+lbs)
so that the toys are custom to your dogs size and I find that everything we have gotten is very durable since Chino is Big & Bold.

Our first month this is what our box looked like


Our first box came with a swirly bully stick which Chino went crazy over, a body butter which is awesome because it did not leave his fur feeling sticky or anything, a foot bath balm which we have not tried yet, a fire hose toy and a gulpy travel water bottle which was great and just in time for the heat.

Our June box arrived just this past week and boy I was just as excited as Chino was for it.


The June BarkBox included a towel from Farfetched. This is definitely going to come in handy with how dirty Chino gets all the time and all the swimming he does in the summer months.

I got most excited for the Safemade Gimmie Gummy, they have recipes on their site and you can bake trets right inside of it! You can pop this bear into the dishwasher, over or freezer.

This month also came with three different treats. Tumbleweed & Eddie’s double nut super boost treats, Mr. Barksmiths which comes in a small container and it freezable smoothie and Stella & Chewy’s freeze dried food which mad Chino drool all over the floor. We got the beef flavour.

I am very happy with my choice to subscribe to this great service and get the package delivered to my door every month with a different theme and that caters to my dog.

BarkBox subscription options include:
$25/ 1 month
$21/month for 3 months
$17/month for 6 months

Check out BarkBox now available in Canada & US
twitter: @getbarkbox
facebook: http://www.facebook.com/getbarkbox

Be sure to tweet your dog with their BarkBox
use coupon code LEASHANDPAWS and get $5 off your subscription! 



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