Relationship lessons learned from being a Dog Owner

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Right off the bat let me admit to being one of those people that sadly do NOT currently own a pet. I did have a dog named Tico a few years ago. I had to give him away when I immigrated to Canada with my family. There will always be a part of me that misses Tico forever.

With a family of five kids, my husband and I decided to settle into our new home and/or country before getting a new pet. Fast forward to 2012 and the debate to get a family pet is still raging on.

The conversation regarding dog ownership reared its ‘pawerful’ head again as recently as last month. My 9 year old son celebrated his birthday in March and he had a wish list with 2 things on it: A pet and DSI. We settled for the DSI because the ‘pet’ option was a bit tricky since he had the following on his list: I. A Lizard.   II. A Parrot.   III. A Dog  (And we were required to get all 3!)

After a series of negotiations and family meetings, we agreed to a tentative settlement of getting a dog next year on his 10th birthday. So I guess that gives me approximately one year to get into the zone of ‘dog ownership’.

I have always curious about the dynamics of human inter-relationships; how we all relate and are interwoven in the overall sphere of life and the effect of adding different variables (people, pets, passions etc.) into our lives. And so, I decided to get first-hand testimonials from three close friends and family members who are passionate dog owners themselves on their biggest life lessons from the canine family. In particular, I asked all three of them the following identical question:

What is the biggest relationship lesson you’ve learned from being a dog owner? 

These were their responses:

1.    ‘One key lesson I’ve learned from my dog is the importance of loyalty in any relationship. To just be there unflinchingly for another entity and the peace of mind and strength that comes from knowing someone has your back, always’! ~Iphie~

2.    ‘You only get back what you put into any relationship. You need patience and time for your relationships to thrive (both humans and canines)’. ~Toks~

3.    ‘Communication and sharing experiences together are keys to creating healthy relationships. You have to create time for your loved ones. It may be as simple as taking a walk together, playing in the park….just make sure you do something’! ~NK~

Needless to say, their responses brought back memories of my relationship with my dog, Tico. I guess getting a dog next year is now something I can look forward to along with my ten year old!


This fabulous post was written by Juliet Ume, MBA , Wealth Management & Lifestyle Consultant at Whole Woman Network.  The Whole Woman Network is a Lifestyle Social Enterprise     based in Richmond Hill. They create networking opportunities that engage, educate & empower women on issues of Holistic : Beauty & Grooming, Health &Wellness, Financial Literacy & Wealth Mgt and Social Responsibility.

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