2 years of being with you mean =


2 ‘homes’

A Blue “Bug” to stroll around the neighborhood (my 1st ever car!!)

2 long hikes around the Toronto Island

24 poop boxes

3 broken leashes before he learned leashes are not to play with!

48 bags of treats

1 Bad trainer and 1 Fantastic Trainer that became our friend!

2 Bad Dog Walkers

2   F***  this …and  100 Big “sigh’s”….okay keep trying

1 Trip to Niagara Falls in a damn rainy day!

A few thousand “I love you’”

1,000 000 LICKS and Smiles….

1 Rush to the Vet and 1 close encounter with death after being bitten by a Rotti **grrrr**

Many “TUG-OF-WAR” games played! his favorite 🙂

1000 + Walks

1 stinky container full of “tripe” ….ugh!…Can’t understand why he loves it so much!

50 + movie night’s chilling on the couch!

My favorite pair of shoes GONE!! (****Bitter****)

2000 + Pictures!

4 Skype calls with family in Mexico showing off his tricks!

8 tricks and 8 obedience classes in a winter wonderland! 🙂

2 attempts to get him a sister!

The motivation to create a company that does everything for the love of pets!

1 strength and 1 big decision: “I don’t want kids”

1 YAY!!!!!! He is walking by my side “off leash”…..

1 feature on Snap Magazine

670 days of happiness as a family!!

0ver 1000 “no” “drop it” “leave it” “nah-nah” “here”

Some disagreements between Vince and I regarding his education! ***things sorted out!***

2 Happy years together with Mylo… We got lost in those eyes and there was no way out!

Love….. Mom & Dad




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