All About PETS Show 2012

                                                                             An exercised Dog is a Happy Tail-Wagg’n Dog!
Through  Easter weekend the All About Pet Show  returned to Toronto with a New Kids Zone . The idea is based  on the fact that whether you are into cute, furry and cuddly or cold-blooded, smooth and slithery or talkative, feathery and pretty, The  All About Pets Show has something for you and your children.
The All About Pets Show took place again at the International Center  for its 19th year of promoting responsible ownership.  The show is produced by Showtrends.
For us at Tail-Waggers it was out first time there as visitors. We got there very exited and ready to learn and to see many things and why not?, ven to buy and donate.  I have to be honest, my expectations were not met.
There was a huge area dedicated to rescue groups and that part was amazing! We had the opportunity to  meet many great people. We stooped at the  Boxer Rescue Ontario and the St. John Ambulance’s Therapy Dog. We also saw local business representing the York Region as well as Jen from  Avivagen Animal Health.   Another areas were dedicating to cats, birds, the Kids Zone and  dog tricks. 
Overall we had fun and enjoyed the show, although we felt it was a bit empty considering the size of the warehouse. Here are some pictures we  snapped while at the All About Pets Show. .- Keep Smiling! 🙂

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