1 dog at a girls night out!

An exercised Dog is a Happy Tail-Wagg’n Dog

His name is Trenton, sitting at that corner while the lady is chatting with everybody that approaches her asking about him. He is still a pup and full of energy. He is working -he can’t get pet!- When the lady says “NO! you can’t pet him”, it is funny to see people reactions. He is wearing his green vest. This means he is working. He will be a GUIDE DOG.


I usually see people staring at  guide dogs and their owners with a face of surprise or sometimes pity. I’ve been friend with someone that is visual impaired and I’ve been lucky to go on trips with the TRAILBLAZERS Tandem Cycling Club,  a registered charity that  provides recreational cycling to people who have limited or no vision. Here people have the opportunity to cycle with sighted volunteers using their tandems (bicycles built for two). On these trips there are many service dogs and it’s amazing to see the way they support their owners; not only with daily activities but morally as they    become their companion.

The Lion Foundation of Canada since 1983 has provided the services of a specially trained Dog Guide. The lady that currently fosters Trenton explained to me that the lion Foundation of Canada breeds most of its own dogs. A approximately  eight weeks of age, puppies are placed in fosters homes until they are ready to return for formal training which is generally around 1 year old. They are always looking for fosters and they have an open house twice a year. 

Last night I left home to go to an event in celebration of the international Women’s Day organized by the NewRoads in Newmarket. This  Girls Night Out turned out to be more than just a fun, social and inspirational evening where I got to learn about local businesses and services geared towards women. It became a door to learn more about what dogs can do for us!

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